Welcome to diamondPants.com! We are just a couple of programmers who love to write code. We have a lot of ideas, and this site is where we intend to show them to the world. It is small right now, but expect updates in the future.


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Spritecraft - images to minecraft blocks

Cookie Clicker Optimizer

Orc Road Trip

If you like mediocre attempts at comedy by mediocre writers, then boy have I got a treat for you ...

I (Tater) wrote a book! Don't be fooled by that silly name "Robbie Mahair" on the cover. That's just my secret identity. In real life (which is, of course, the internet) you know my real name is Tater.

The book is called Orc Road Trip and it's about an orc who goes on a road trip (surprise!). It won't be out until the summer because I found a good editor, and as it turns out lots of people want the good editors and that makes them super busy. Who knew? But you can check out the author website and sign up for the mailing list to be notified when it's ready!
What's New?

1/19/2018 - Orc Road Trip

Tater wrote a book! Of course you'll want to read it. Writing a program that creates minecraft pixel art implies that any book he writes is totally worth reading OBVIOUSLY. I mean, writing code and writing a book can't be that different, can they?

9/21/2013 - Cookie Clicker Optimizer

We now have a web-based tool that helps you play the nifty game Cookie Clicker! Enjoy!

2012-2013 - Stuff happened

We totally did stuff during this time period and I forgot to update this. That's unprofessional you say? Well, you get what you pay for.

4/20/2012 - The diamondCast!

That's right, we now have a podcast.

3/23/2012 - Spritecraft 1.1.2 is released!

So many new blocks...

12/18/2011 - Ratat is born

We've created a web comic! We have finally joined the elite masses of web comics nobody's ever heard of! My life-long dream has been realized.

6/1/2011 - diamondPants for Child's Play

Everything we receive for Spritecraft through the end of this year will be donated to Child's Play!

5/14/2011 - Spritecraft 1.1.0 is released!

The newest version of spritecraft includes:
  • Export to schematic, for use in MCEdit and other tools
  • Use Brown Wool as a building material
  • Spritecraft Auto Update. Ok, probably more like "auto-notify", but whatever. The point is you will know when there is a new version of Spritecraft available in the future.

5/14/2011 - diamondPants.com has a new look!

This website has been expanded so that it can include other projects. That is, projects other than the one we have. I mean.... we still just have one. But, when we don't have just one, we'll have somewhere to put it. Just to be clear though... currently... still just the one.

4/13/2011 - Spritecraft Version 1.0.0 is released!

Spritecraft is a simple java tool that can convert any image or picture in to minecraft blocks.
Items in Development

Books and More Books

I'm going to write more. Probably.

Spritecraft Updates

I can't tell you what or when, or even say whether this is true at all.

Ratat Updates

I (Tater) will try to faithfully update Ratat every Sunday. Unless I'm too busy, forget because I'm playing Skyrim, or just get bored. And that's a promise!